Post-doctoral Fellow, Graduate Student and Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions Available:


Since the nature of our research programs is highly interdisciplinary, bridging chemistry, physics, materials science and various engineering disciplines, all the lab members will have the opportunities to be exposed to and master a broad spectrum of fundamental and technical knowledge in the synthesis, characterization, assembly, device fabrication and integration of nanostructured materials for technological applications. Students will also learn project management and presentation proficiency. This skill set is essential for future success in both the academic and industrial environments. All talented and enthusiastic individuals with strong academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


Interested applicants should send their CV via emails to <>.


Financial Support for Graduate Students:


CityU studentships offer a stipend of ~ $HK 17,510 per month, 12 months per year, to all successful candidates. Good academic performance can qualify for the additional tuition scholarship and travel fund to attend interantional conferences.


CityU admits graduate students centrally through the school of graduate studies and the admission is highly based on the GPA and publication records of the applicants.


CityU applications: Only one round per year (Deadline: Early December each year for Fall semester admission in the following year)


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